NEW BioBag 30L Drawstring Bags: Medium Bins & Food Waste Drawers (50 Bags)


This listing is for a bulk pack of 5 rolls of BioBag 30L Drawstring Bags (10 bags per roll)

50 Bags in total (with free delivery) for 25 Euro

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Lead Time: 4 Weeks
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BioBag introduces the first UK compostable bag with drawstring handles.

Available in 2 sizes: 30L and 50L

Strong bags and strong handles. An innovation in bags for food waste. Only from BioBags UK.

NEW BioBag Drawstring Compostable Bags Roll of 10 Bags

Easy to pull drawstring handles tight and remove from a bin with no contact with food waste. Suitable for use in all UK food waste bins and bin collections.

Certified compostable to recognised international standards which means the bag and the strings will break down in correct composting conditions in 12 weeks.

BioBag 30L Drawstring

  • Each roll contains 10 Bags
  • Individual bag measures 50 cm x 60 cm (19.7 inches x 23.6 inches)
  • Perforated on roll so easy-to-tear bags off
  • Low static so easy to handle
  • Perfect for lining medium size pedal bins or built-in waste drawers
  • Strong and long handles which will not break or pull
  • Sturdy reliable bags for collecting food and natural waste
  • Approved for use in food waste bins
  • Bags and drawstring handles will break down in 12 weeks in compost facilities
  • Minimal packaging with recyclable paper band-roll

This listing is for a bulk pack of 5 rolls of BioBag 30L Drawstring bags (50 x  30L bags in total)

Price includes delivery to UK addresses