NEW! BioBag Camping Toilet with Compostable Bags


The Portable Toilet from BioBag with compostable & biodegradable toilet bags.

Perfect for an outdoor summer. When Nature calls!

  • Portable toilet seat sold with 8 compostable bags
  • Perfect for Camping. Caravans. Camper Vans.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Folds flat for packing and storing
  • Strong and weightbearing – developed for use in military training
  • Only available online from BioBag with free shipping
Call for Availability on 0117 330 2277


The Portable Camping Toilet from BioBag

Perfect for An Outdoor Summer


NEW! The Portable Toilet from BioBag. With 8 Compostable & Biodegradable toilet bags included

The BioToi is a portable toilet from BioBag. This camping system dis esigned to work with BioBag’s completely compostable & biodegradable bags, For when nature calls!

The Portable Toilet from BioBag with compostable bags is practical and hygienic. The toilet weighs only 1.9 kg so it’s easy to carry. It folds flat so its convenient to pack and store in small spaces. BioBag toilet bags are included (roll of 8 bags). The bags are 100% compostable and biodegredable. The bag starts to biodegrade when it comes into contact with micro-organisms which are present in soil.

Whether you’re camping or just enjoying an Outdoor Summer, this is an essential piece of kit.

Easy to use

Simply unfold the toilet and attach the support straps. Pull the BioBag over the seat. The toilet is now ready for use.