BioBag Dog Waste Bags Bulk Pack of 10 Rolls (300 Bags)


BioBag Dog Waste Bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Certified for home and industrial composting by OK Compost and 7P2045.

This bulk pack consists of 300 bags (10 rolls of 30 bags) each conveniently packed in frustration-free, recyclable cardboard packaging, Convenient for storage and minimal packaging for postage.

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BioBag DOG WASTE BAGS | 300 Compostable Bags | No Microplastics |

Compostable, Easy to Use & Strong

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This multi-pack of 300 BioBag dog waste bags is exclusively available to buy online. This listing is for 10 rolls (30 bags per roll). Size 23cm x 35cm. Perforated on the roll. Easy to tear off a bag from the roll. Easy to tie closed.

Free and quick delivery. Packaged for convenience in a recyclable cardboard box making them easy to store.

Stock up and make sure you never run out of compostable bags for your pet. Leave a roll  in your car so you can always clean up after your pet when you’re out and about. Protect our parks and pavements for children and other pets.

BioBag Dog Waste bags are made from plant-based natural materials. They will decompose within 40 days in a well functioning composting environment. The BioBag logo is a guarantee that you have chosen a natural, compostable product which will break down completely. Leaving no harmful residues behind. All BioBag bags are certified compostable to European Standard EN 7P2045 and AIB Vincotte (OK Compost) for home composting too.

BioBag Dog Waste Bags are the same great quality as our range of compostable bin bags. Made from plant starch, they do not contain plastic and are 100% compostable. Our bags are far superior to other pet waste bags which are only marked  ‘biodegredable’ . These inferior bags usually break down into small plastic fragments which cannot be seen by the naked eye. BioBag bags will leave no microplastics behind – they break down to simply CO2 and water.

compostable dog poo bags

BioBag Dog Waste bags are

  • Easy to use with tie handles

  • Extra strong, secure and leak proof

  • Big enough for the needs of even the largest dog

  • Black opaque bags which are convenient to carry

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary plastic bags for conscientious dog owners

  • Made from plant starch and 100% compostable

  • Certified according to European Standard EN 13432 for Compostable Products and US Standard ASTM D6400.