Retail Supplies | BioBag Carrier Bags (Medium) | 500 Bags | For Retailers & Food Sellers |

  • RETAILERS BUY DIRECT FROM the original BioBag
  • Compostable & Biodegredable Carrier Bags
  • Small size – 410mm x 500mm
  • Holds approx. 7kg
  • Food safe
  • BioBag brand is trusted by consumers
  • Certified for both industrial & home composting
  • Convenient ‘shopping bag’ handles – easy to tie and transport
  • 500 Bags per case
  • 1 case per order
  • Price includes delivery
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Lead Time: 4 Weeks


20L BioBag Carrier Bags for Retailers, Restaurants, Delis, TakeAways (Medium)

Compostable & Biodegredable ‘Shopping Bag’ Style with Handles. 500 Bags per case.

** New and Exclusive to biobags **

Larger 30L size available also

ONLY AVAILABLE FROM BioBag UK. Reuse and recycle in a organic waste bin or home composter

Are you a shop, restaurant, takeaway? Do you and your customers want to reduce plastic waste. Why not change from tradtional soft plastic bags and offer BioBag compostable shopping bags to your customers.

RETAILERS! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. Buy BioBag’s compostable carrier bags for your business. Respond to your customers concerns regarding plastic-waste reduction.

Why not 0ffer a compostable alternative to regular plastic bags? BioBag carrier bags are certified for composting at home in  as well as at high temperatures in an industrial composting settings. Contain NO microplastics.

Look for the BioBag logo as a guarantee that your business has chosen the most certified compostable produce bags available. Not all ‘GREEN’ bags are created equal!

All our  retail bags are the same great quality as our popular retail range.

BioBag bags can be reused or composted by consumers with food and other organic waste, in either a Brown Bin or a home composting pile.

BioBag Compostable Carrier Bags are:

  • Certified biodegradable and compostable

  • Strong and lightweight

  • Waterproof, leak proof and odourless

  • Easy to tie and close

  • Breathable and so well suited for storing fruits and vegetables after purchase

  • Convenient

  • An eco-friendly alternative to using regular plastic bags

  • Trusted by consumers

Reuse it to collect peelings, skins and leftovers and put it straight into your Brown/Organic bin when full. Or take it shopping again.

When it can’t be reused anymore, simply put it into a Brown/Organic Waste Bin or home composter. Our bags are certified to break down in BOTH environments in the correct conditions.