Retail Supplies: Roll of Compostable Film for Commercial Wrap Machines


Compostable film for commercial wrap machines

Suitable for all raw and cooked foods

Food contact approved

Certified compostable and biodegradable

Only from BioBag Ireland

Call for Availability on 0117 330 2277


Compostable film for commercial wrap machines. The latest innovation from BioBag UK

Compostable bioplastic film for in store wrap machines. Tried and tested in some of leading independent retailers. Your bucher, deli, cheese and deli counters can trust this film to run smoothly through existing wrap machines and to adhere properly protecting food.

And as it’s certified compostable your customers can trust that it is suitable for disposal in food waste collections and that it will break down in composting facilities.

Only from BioBag UK.

Certified compostable and biodegradable.

Food contact approved

Sold by the roll.

1 x roll of compostable film for wrap machine measures

300mm Wide x 1500 Long

Price per roll 150 EURO and delivery is included

Contact us for bespoke overprinted options +353 86 7700213